Vadose Zone Monitoring Technology

Time detection of water flow and contaminant migration in the subsurface

  • Protection of groundwater resources from pollution hazard
  • Optimization of subsurface remediation
  • Management of heap-leach mining
  • Early warning on earthen dams' stability
  • Control of agricultural inputs down-leaching
  • Land-fill waste management

Groundwater protecting from pollution hazard

Minimization subsurface pollution depends on reliable and effective monitoring programs. Sensoil Sensoil’s vadose zone monitoring system (VMS) provides "early warning" on contamination processes in the vadose zone long before aquifer contamination turns evident.

Earthen dam stability

Sensoil's monitoring system VMS provides real time continuous information on the dam sediment moisture. Detailed analysis, including moisture data obtained by the VMS across the dam is used to provide early warning on potential weakening of dams stability.

Optimization of Remediation Strategies

Sensoil's vadose zone monitoring system (VMS) enables optimization of In-situ bio-remediation. Its provide data which allows real time assessment of the remediation strategies through direct feedback from the subsurface.

Sensoil's monitoring technology provides unique tools for proper management of the remediated sites.

Heap-leach mining

Sensoil's monitoring system VMS can provide the operators and management with real time information about the leaching and mineral production efficiency. Data collected by the VMS allows direct measurements of the water flow velocities and measure the chemical evolution of the percolating solvent in the unsaturated ore.


Our disruptive technology enables detecting water percolation and contaminations migration, transport in the subsurface. We offer a new horizon in understanding the previously unseen subsurface below us. Our solutions to various fields provide a real time picture, cost and time efficient solutions for areas once based only on models or highly expensive less efficient testing. SenSoil’s VMSTM system allows real time, continuous tracking of water percolation and contaminant transport process in deep sections of the Vadose zone (unsaturated sediments), from land surface to groundwater. It applied for detection, monitoring and optimization of remediation strategies, warning based continues monitoring of earthen dams moisture, monitoring and indicating of optimum growth conditions for agriculture and offers a substantial cost and efficiency improvement in Mine Heap Leaching process efficiency.

Our technology is based on more than 10 years of research lead by Professor Ofer Dahan in Ben Gurion University (Israel) and Nevada University (USA) and two patents. Sensoil’d technology was applied worldwide in over 20 working installations.

Mr. David Waxman, Chairman Serves as an active Chairman for Water Industries (Manufacturers Associations) and Cleantech companies: Nirosoft industries, Flow industries and Rotec Ltd. Previously served as the Chairman of Dorot Control Valves (member of Arison Group), Lextran Ltd, Ludan Environmental Group (TASE), Aquapure Technologies Ltd. and as the CEO, Atlantium Technologies Ltd. (Morris Kahn Group), President and CEO, IDE Technologies Ltd. (ICL Group) and North American Representative, Dead Sea Works Ltd. (ICL Group).

Professor Ofer Dahan the inventor of the VMS, tenure holder in the Department of Environmental Hydrology and Microbiology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Professor Dahan is a specialist in the field vadose zone and groundwater Hydrology, his extensive knowledge in both fields lead to the development of the VMS. His research covers a wide range of studies on water flow and contaminant transport in the subsurface, including: flood water infiltration from streams and reservoirs, interactive bioremediation of contaminated vadose zone and land use impact on groundwater quality.

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